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Then he cunningly made his wife offer his bow and a quantity of iron to be contended for by us ill-fated suitors; and this was the beginning of our end, for not one of us could string the bow--nor nearly do so.
Ferguson; secondly, as to the trip itself, which, some contended, would not be undertaken at all, and which was really contemplated, according to others; thirdly, upon the success or failure of the enterprise; and fourthly, upon the probabilities of Dr.
The Man contended that he and his fellows were stronger than lions by reason of their greater intelligence.
In that part of the western division of this kingdom which is commonly called Somersetshire, there lately lived, and perhaps lives still, a gentleman whose name was Allworthy, and who might well be called the favourite of both nature and fortune; for both of these seem to have contended which should bless and enrich him most.
168) But even as new values surrounding neighborhood parks and playgrounds successfully contended with older ideals of park spaces designed to induce moral uplift, the decentralized model of providing small parks and playgrounds also contended with developing notions of comprehensive planning arising out of the city planning movement, the Chicago Plan Commission and the adoption of the Burnham Plan, all of which sought to "unite all aspects of civic design into a comprehensive schedule for urban growth" (p.
Next, it contended its position is grounded in law, supported by an unpublished 9th Circuit opinion and two older state court cases.
Our Stone Age ancestors were certainly smart enough to have traversed a nautical obstacle course such as the Lombok Strait, Bednarik contended in the April Cambridge Archaeological Journal.
Instead, he contended, the task of thwarting hijackers should be left to federal air marshals.
Agency officials have long contended that environmentalists like Plambeck raise water-supply questions in an attempt to control land use.
The IRS contended the requested documents were necessary to determine the accuracy of Maxey's income tax returns for 1992 to 1994, as well as to ascertain whether he had committed any criminal tax offense.
The IRS contended that AAFP was engaged in the insurance business and that the interest was taxable as an integral part of that business.
14-17, 1992, in the Federal District Court, Gentex Corporation contended that defendant Donnelly Corporation has infringed and continues to infringe its U.