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The Service contended that the placement activities were unrelated to AAFP's exempt purposes.
Citadel Derivatives contended that the trades were cancelled without justification and that the cancellation of the trades unfairly benefited AMEX market makers due to the significant price movement between the time of the trades and the time of cancellation.
Heinrich Reicher, author of a 1904 study entitled Welfare for Wayward Youth, contended that waywardness was a condition of "reduced moral power of resistence, underdeveloped manners, retarded moral maturity and all this [led] to a greater temptation and attraction to criminal activity .
Nationwide never informed Charts in writing why it terminated their agreements with him, but contended that Charts had violated unidentified state law and unwritten company policy; that it did not have to show it had good cause to terminate the agreements; and that it was not required to inform Charts in writing of the reasons for his termination.
He also contended that the trial court erred in excluding the out-of-court statement of a witness.
Responses emerging from the room might prove indistinguishable from those of a native Chinese speaker, Searle contended, even though the person toiling in the Chinese Room understands neither the questions nor the answers.
The suit contended that Beadle had contacted officials at the University of New Orleans (UNO) in October 2002 to get permission to distribute a religious tract entitled: "You Can Say Anything.
Stansen said he has reviewed the CHP report, which covers more than 50 pages, and contended there is overwhelming evidence to support criminal charges against the defendants in the civil lawsuit.
Hilgard, offers a useful framework for understanding the relation of conscious to unconscious mental activity, Kihlstrom contended at the recent annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.
The suit contended that when Laura was given an assignment in 2001 to bring a book to class about her Christmas traditions the teacher stopped Laura from sharing her book entitled "The Story of Christmas" by Sally Owen - a book that focused on the birth of Jesus Christ, the center of the Christmas holiday for Christians.
White House administration officials have contended the legislation would favor big bank-holding companies such as Citicorp at the expense of nationally chartered banks, because it would require banks to set up holding companies in order to expand into other financial businesses.