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Since "being isolated at home with one adult and no peers" is socially harmful, it "should not be permitted," she contends.
SLDN contends the decline reflects the military's reluctance to discharge service members during Operation Iraqi Freedom, when the demand for personnel is high.
In this case, however, some observers contend that while the underlying materials involved in this case--EEOC rulings and jury verdicts--may be in themselves public information, the process involved in preparing them for publication is much different than simply republishing the addresses and telephone numbers in the Feist case--in other words, that enough additional editorial work is required to create the published product to justify copyright.
Peering is the Achilles' heel of the whole system," contends Lloyd Taylor, VP of Operations at Internet traffic monitoring company Keynote Systems.
20) This perception led him to contend that "we find ourselves perhaps already in the beginning of a social revolution of the entire human society.
He contends that it is bad enough that black youth listen to rap, but what's worse, rap is not just "black music," but has white fans too.
The more carefully planned and executed an abatement project is, the more cost-effective and less exasperating that project will be for the owner, the consultant contends.
Franklin contends that both blacks and whites arc responsible for creating a color-blind society.
The lawsuit contends that in 2002, Best Buy failed to penetrate the North Texas market in the low voltage integration business due to a lack of contacts and the existence of established business relationships between many upscale homebuilders and integration companies like Powell.
Ventura County has discussed a settlement offer with a former employee who contends she was sexually harassed by former Chief Administrative Officer Harry Hufford, her attorney said.
Congressman Young contends that "nothing else can provide the deterrence or effectiveness of a gun wielded by a highly trained individual.
As these melted and drifted toward lower latitudes, they dropped the sand to the ocean bottom, she contends.