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The closest they came was a shot from Hazard that flashed wide, while Fabregas was contentiously booked for diving when he went down in the Southampton box after apparently being caught by 19-year-old Matthew Targett.
Contentiously, and for the first time in F1 history, double points are on offer to the top 10, affording Rosberg greater opportunity to take the championship.
Hall contentiously lost his IBF world bantamweight crown in June with a splitdecision reverse to Ellesmere Port's Paul Butler in Newcastle.
One could certainly argue that "Squabbles'' covers the all too familiar comedic terrain of strong-willed people contentiously pitted against each other in humorous ways -- a la "The Odd Couple'' and "The Sunshine Boys'' -- but when they clash as hilariously as Doug Bolduc's Abe Dryfus and Betty Kristan's Mildred Sloan do, it's an inconsequential consideration.
It is an important book in that it is an attempt to revive an old idea, one that has become less popular in recent years, given the increasing prevalence of compatibilist views that stress other forms of freedom or control not linked to the ability to do otherwise (views that Vihvelin dubs, a bit contentiously, "moral compatibilism").
Coulby's Onell Ayapur had a late goal contentiously ruled out for offside but at the final whistle both sides went home happy - Coulby promoted and the South Park boys, proud of their determined display.
CAPA stated, "Practically, if ANA were interested in PAL to access the low-cost market in the Philippines, PAL would be a complicated choice as the carrier contentiously abandoned its low-cost carrier strategy to focus on the full-service segment.
The Swans went into the game against a backdrop of a mini-crisis, with Michael Laudrup having been contentiously dismissed amid talk of losing the dressing room.
Bala were narrowly beaten 2-1 at home to Airbus earlier in the season after having Kenny Lunt contentiously sent off.
The Aussie, who has played at full-back this season, was drafted into the heart of the back-line against Jackie McNamara's men and performed admirably, even seeing a goal contentiously ruled out.
Although Sphinx also hit the bar twice and had another goal contentiously disallowed for offside, manager Luke Hopkins said: "It wasn't one of our more fluent performances but I'll settle for that.
According to the Daily Express, England made representations to the International Cricket Council (ICC) after Trott was given out LBW on review in England's first innings by third umpire Erasmus, who contentiously overruled the not out verdict of on-field umpire Dar despite the unavailability of Hot Spot technology.