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Marketed as Contestable Period Coverage, or CPC, the insurance is purchased separately as a companion product to any primary life insurance policy, and requires no underwriting.
Because of this, we can expect our political arena to become more like contestable markets rather than a monopoly.
The ambition of this theory was to abandon the abstract criteria of perfectly competitive markets and substitute them with the notion of perfectly contestable markets (Baumol, et al.
with anything non-scientific such as world-view, values, contestable assumptions, religious commitments, and the like; and (presumably) that the claims of psychology proper are not subject to scientific examination (though he says that "there is still a certain amount of genuinely scientific observation and a modest proportion of important experimental research present in today's field of psychotherapy" [pp.
Accordingly, a cause of action arises "where coverage is denied by the insurer on a policy that is contestable as a result of the acts or omissions of the agent.
Baumol applied the concept of a 'perfectly contestable market' to monopolies and oligopolies in certain types of industry sectors, such as city-to-city air services (Baumol, 1982(b): 7), despite admitting that neither 'perfect competition' nor 'perfect contestability' were common.
Further, the child's own perspective should be imperative in all deliberations about best interest, and a distinction must be made between objective fact and what is invoked as a substantive and contestable assumption.
Overall, we've had very few contestable cases," a spokesperson for the organisation told AFP.
Constrained by a patriarchal mentality, which reduces women to mere puppets, Atwood's protagonists imitate patriarchal discourses and submit themselves to patriarchal laws to expose the contestable nature of these laws.
If it is 3 percentage points or less it is contestable.
Contestable Markets in the Dakotas: Credit Cards Charters
The housing-loan market remains contestable, even if there are not as many competitors currently.