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MUO said it will provide a translator upon the request of a contestant.
Few contestants have ever escaped Anne Robinson's withering look of despair on the BBC quiz.
Ist round, was introduction round and in this all the 30 contestant participate in this.
For the convenience of all, the audition for the contestants from Kiphire was held at Tuensang, where the lone contestant from Kiphire, Thsaropi, made it to the screening round.
The above examples indicate that a potential contestant would join a contest if and only if the expected payoffs from participation are higher than the entry costs.
Each contestant holds a title from a different region of the state: Miss Bay State, Miss Boston, Miss Bristol County, Miss Collegiate Area, Miss Commonwealth, Miss Fall River, Miss Greater Holyoke, Miss Greater Worcester, Miss Mayflower, Miss Middlesex County, Miss New Bedford, Miss Pioneer Valley, Miss Shrewsbury, Miss Southcoast, Miss Taunton, and Miss Western Massachusetts.
At the end of each round a contestant needs to decide whether or not he or she should fold.
To vote for a contestant, text METRO then a space and then the first name of the contestant you want to win - ie CHERYL, JONATHAN, DAVE, RACHEL or RICHARD.
Get ready to punch the dial pad and vote for your favorite Idol contestant.
Three contestants received Honorable Mentions in the final competition.
Contestant must also have a plan for disseminating the technology through a nongovernmental organization, the private market, or government, and for covering all costs.