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CONTESTATION. The act by which two parties to an action claim the same right, or when one claims a right to a thing which the other denies; a controversy. Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. 762.

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Most of the contestations, totaling 53, had been submitted by candidates who took part in the latest polls, and some had been presented by voters, he explained.
Toutefois le regime Moubarak sous l'emprise de son ministre de l'Interieur Habib Al-Adeli a pu controler avec une main de fer la place contre toute contestation anti-diktat, jusqu'a l'heure oE la cloche a sonne et que Tahrir soit devenue le point de ralliement des protestataires durant la revolution de 2011 dite de Lotus.
BEIRUT: Wednesday saw a fresh wave of challenges submitted by losing candidates of the June 7 elections as the deadline for contestations loomed.
Parallelement, dans le clan de l'opposition, les contestations atteignaient leur summum.
published in the official Kuwait Gazette, and any contestations would have to
New forms of urban governance in India; shifts, models, networks and contestations.
Ces contestations des travailleurs initiees par la coordination syndicale UGTA de la sante de Tizi Ouzou ont pour seuls objectifs de voir les nouvelles nominations remisees au placard de la DSP.
Al-Ghanim's remark follows a ruling by the Constitutional Court earlier today turning down six contestations against the 2014 National Assembly by-elections.
They cover law and criminalization, managing borders, policing the interior, detention and deportation, and immigrant contestations.
n Contestations registered against traffic violations, 767 contestations in 2008, these increased to 1,003 contestations in 2009.
AaAs-Safir newspaper, citing well-informed sources from the Constitutional Council, said Tuesday decisions concerning contestations will be announced Wednesday or Thursday.
Commenting on the Constitutional Council, MP Aoun said the he heard talk that contestations have been rebuffed, and that the constitutional council head rebuffed all contestations.