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As expected, the path between Time 1 and Time 3 contextual motivations in Study 1 was only found to be marginally significant ([gamma] = .
This is where the BlueFlock App enables the necessary shift from the basic and contextual communication of a collaboration process to a'goal oriented collaboration' process.
We are extremely proud to announce that Idea has advanced to real time contextual and interactive offer campaigns.
Processes involving second-order conditional discrimination and contextual control over conditional discriminations are very interesting because they are involved in complex verbal behavior.
The first three essays explore the question of contextual theology from a methodological perspective.
Contextual search describes the capability for search engines to recognize a multitude of factors beyond just the search text for which a user is seeking.
This is a coherent, well-laid out collection of articles based on a consultation on contextual theology held in 2009 at United Theological College, Sydney (Australia).
They cover the case for contextually driven computation, defining the transformation of data to contextual knowledge, calculus for reasoning about contextual information, information mining for contextual data sensing and fusion, the hyper-distribution of contextual information, set-based data management models for contextual data and ambiguity in selection, and security modeling using contextual data cosmology and brane surfaces.
Of the 13 contextual risk factors examined in the study, two concerned socioeconomic status: housing insecurity (having ever been homeless, been ordered to move out or run away from home) and having lived before age 18 in a household where someone received public assistance.
Advanced phonetic search algorithms coupled with language processing and contextual analysis provide the ability to quickly and easily locate specific spoken words or phrases within a rich media archive, based on sophisticated algorithms developed by Sonic Foundry.
The handbook details and illustrates recent changes to the zoning, including mixed-use districts and new contextual zoning districts that have been developed to manage growth and preserve the character of neighborhoods; and it clearly describes new special districts, such as Hudson Yards, with enhanced inclusionary zoning to help promote construction of affordable housing.
The text's focus on the internalization of multicultural principles is aided through discussion of values and assumptions; multicultural scenarios; and power, privilege, and contextual factors that impact multicultural practice.