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The process of determining these adverse outages is termed as contingency selection and this can be done by conniving performance indices for each contingencies.
Historically, large scale contingency operations have been primarily funded through supplemental spending bills outside the federal budget.
The court rejected that amendment and said it was the responsibility of the contingency lawyer as part of the original contingency contract to resolve those liens.
Members of the CEW support contingency operations by either deploying forward or performing backfill missions for DoD personnel who have deployed.
Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) Topic D-77: Accounting for Legal Costs Expected to Be Incurred in Connection with a Loss Contingency acknowledges that companies practices differ and suggests that, if material, companies should disclose whether or not their policy is to accrue these costs expense them, in accordance with Accounting principles Board (APB) Opinion 22, Disclosure of Accounting Policies.
RIMS has taken the lead in calling for an end to contingency fees in the buyer-broker arrangement.
To learn more about the new contingency program and to see the new lineup of Easton's winning arrows, both tournament and hunting, visit www.
The ability contingency subscale includes items such as "My self-worth is based on my social adaptation competency," assessing the level to which the individual bases his/her self-worth on various abilities and experiences including life experiences, social interaction ability, and working ability.
At a meeting of the governing Liberal Democratic Party's Research Commission on Security, Takamizawa said, ''As a matter of course, the SDF must strengthen its guard and take appropriate action before determining a situation as a contingency in areas around Japan.
The addition of a contingency clause may cause a deal to stall because the seller could see this option as a bad faith or unsure decision," said Fabienne Lecole, a vice president at the Corcoran Group.
An interdependent group-oriented contingency allows every member of a group to receive the same consequence based on some aspect of the group's performance.