contingent upon

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41-5(d)(1) states that research in not funded if the amounts payable under the contract are contingent upon the success of the research.
Accordingly, when the purchaser submits-the application to the co-op board with a commitment letter and the contract is not contingent upon financing, the co-op board may require that the contract of sale be amended to reflect the accurate terms of the transaction.
shown above) Completion of the work is contingent upon locating financial sponsorship.
Contingent upon TBX's successful completion of its due diligence, the execution of a definitive agreement, and approval by the other working interest owners.
The resolution of the Meeting in accordance with the Board's proposals in item 11 is contingent upon it being supported by shareholders representing at least nine-tenths of both the votes cast and the shares represented at the Meeting.
The transaction is contingent upon the negotiation and approval of a definitive purchase agreement and is currently targeted to close during IKON's third quarter of fiscal year 2006.
The transaction is contingent upon Federal Trade Commission (FTC) review and BSX and GDT shareholder approvals.
Contingent upon regulatory approval of this application, AWB will finalize a ground lease for a temporary branch site at 710 Superior Street, Sandpoint, and begin the process of building a permanent office on the west side of Fifth Avenue between Fir Street and Larch Street.
This Agreement is contingent upon Verena receiving notice of renewal of title from the DNPM in Brazil.
Achievement of this goal is contingent upon, among other things, the timely completion by the Company of the restatement of the affected financial statements and the amendment of the aforementioned forms and the completion of the review by the Company's external auditors of the restated financial statements and amended forms.