continue to exist

See: endure, last
References in classic literature ?
the whey and the grapes being necessaries of life to certain invalids whom physicians cannot repair, and who only continue to exist by the grace of whey or grapes.
Several States have endeavored, by separate prohibitions, restrictions, and exclusions, to influence the conduct of that kingdom in this particular, but the want of concert, arising from the want of a general authority and from clashing and dissimilar views in the State, has hitherto frustrated every experiment of the kind, and will continue to do so as long as the same obstacles to a uniformity of measures continue to exist.
Who could continue to exist where there are no cows but the cows on the chimney-pots; nothing redolent of Pan but pan-tiles; no crop but stone crop?
Admit that without such perpetual devouring of one another the world cannot continue to exist, or could never have been organized--I am ever ready to confess that I cannot understand why this is so--but I'll tell you what I DO know, for certain.
having no longer any utility continue to exist because we have
According to a statement of the Finance Ministry, the project company will continue to exist until the closure of the international project company Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.
An Ethical Difference will also continue to exist as a fundraising entity.
Latin dictionaries define subsistere as "to remain, to stand firm, to continue to exist," etc.
This fork custom, known as an "afterlife marriage," is rooted in ancestor worship, which holds that people continue to exist after death, and the living are obligated to meet their needs.
As recently as 2002, Campbell coauthored an election reform article for The National Voter, urging the League to commit its resources to election administration problems that continue to exist 30 years after being documented in a 1972 League publication.
But despite it all, we continue to contribute to the good of humanity, we continue to exist - even thrive.
In the last four chapters the author states what must be done if the Church is to continue to exist in America.