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While there have been some complaints about the quality of the ONP coming into domestic mills, China, as well as other Asian countries to a lesser degree, has continued to drive the market throughout the past several years.
The Fed's reluctance to change course on rates reflects the continued risk for the global equity markets of a recurrence of 1987, where a sharp rise in commodity prices caused bond yields to soar amidst a falling dollar, leading to a crash in the stock market.
Consumer confidence remained at a high level, and retail sales continued to rise rapidly in October.
While persistent strife in many countries continued to challenge efforts to protect the rights of the individual, there were indications in some countries that efforts to secure greater peace and stability were bearing fruit.
Total industrial capacity utilization continued to rise in April but was still well below its pre-recession high.
The next several years will likely spur consolidation and new traffic optimization technologies and services in addition to continued significant funding efforts.
Nigeria continued to make progress in its transition to democracy, while a peaceful transfer of authority took place in Ghana following generally free and fair elections.
Due to continued growth in telecommunications, the Internet, media, computer and financial industry, demand for space will lead to rent increases in the near future.
Last year, despite falling activities in futures trading, rubber prices fell more slowly, due to opposing influences, including currency factors and continued improvement in industrial sector demand in major consuming countries.
At the retail level, inventories continued to build, and inventoryto-sales ratios rose for most types of retailers, although the pace of accumulation appeared to have slowed in November.
Most notably clients' consolidation of advertising accounts (with clients rationalizing accounts with one media buyer or GHC in order to generate cost-savings from bulk buying), the advertising growth in emerging markets, and continued strength in marketing services businesses.
The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors New Jersey Chapter reported that the demand for industrial space in New Jersey has shown continued but slower improvement since the uptrend started in the summer of 1993.