continued existence

See: perpetuity
References in classic literature ?
Thus the moment of her stranding takes away from him every excuse for his continued existence.
Vainly I had sought some method of manifestation, some way to make my continued existence and my great love and poignant pity understood by my husband and son.
Already I was accustomed to the thought that she still lived, and to the big heart she had set beating in my feeble frame; already the continued existence of these villains, with the first dim inkling of their villainy, was ceasing to be a novelty in a brain now quickened and prehensile beyond belief.
The much-discussed meeting of the Zoological Institute, convened to hear the report of the Committee of Investigation sent out last year to South America to test the assertions made by Professor Challenger as to the continued existence of prehistoric life upon that Continent, was held last night in the greater Queen's Hall, and it is safe to say that it is likely to be a red letter date in the history of Science, for the proceedings were of so remarkable and sensational a character that no one present is ever likely to forget them.
But would you rather elope against your will, or have your continued existence made known to the world in general and the police in particular?
And, more important, its continued existence will always prevent the takeover of this country by communism and its associated evils.
The discovery, made by the Northumberland Wildlife Trust, was among the first biological evidence for the marten's continued existence outside Scotland and Wales.
SIR - I was appalled to read of a former Tory politician questioning the viability of S4C"Viewing figures of S4C do not justify its continued existence, says former minister", Jan 8).
He historically situates the rise of the sundown town movement in the years following the Civil War; describes the mechanisms of violence, threats, law, and policy that were used to force minorities out of Northern and Western towns into the big cities; and charts the continued existence of such communities.
The supporters fear new chairman Alex Hamilton, a Manchester-based property developer,has no real commitment to the cash-strapped club's continued existence and intends to sell the site for commercial redevelopment.
The Sinn Fein leader's reassurances may have gone some way to quell unionist and British fears about the continued existence of the IRA.
In an address to the Institute of Irish Stud-ies at Liverpool University, Mr Trimble said: ``I think many Republicans understand that the continued existence of the IRA as a standing so-called army is the most significant barrier to political progress.