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New product launches across the personal care and home care portfolios have been important to attract consumers in a continuingly competitive trading environment.
Even though we are now in January, many people will still be looking for information about the Affordable Care Act, how to sign up, what to look for when signing up, etc As one of the continuingly important roles of nurses, that of being a source of information not only for patients, but often as an expert in your neighborhood, places of worship, and other activities, the materials here are presented to be sure that you have current information.
On the other hand, despite the fact that Unten's ghostly force attempts to position Nakamatsu within the fixed identification of the label, "a Nisei son of Japanese immigrants in Peru," his lurking ambiguous and amorphous identity--almost a foreigner and almost a citizen--does not evanesce, but continuingly restores itself.
Oil production and, accordingly, the total depth of drilled wells have been continuingly increasing and will be expectedly growing in several years to come.
We are continuingly looking ahead to implementing state of the art equipment and tools on our aircraft in our commitment to the highest standards of safety whilst attempting to minimize costs.
In an era of economic recession, continuingly providing adequate services to mixed-status Latino families is imperative.
This level of investment is against a continuingly difficult economic climate.
As you say, we have been operating for three years now and as an established airline this is an appropriate time in our journey to showcase our continuingly expanding network and range of services, including our revolutionary In-Flight Entertainment (IFE).
We have continuingly shrinking budgets, we don't know what our paychecks are each year, we don't have job security - and yet every day, you guys do whatever it takes .
Jetstar Pacific Continuingly Attack Each Other], MUAHCHUNG.
I refer to this incident not (or at least not merely) to gripe, although I was indeed one of four presenters on that panel, but, rather, because the departure of a few dozen scholars otherwise sufficiently engaged with Frye's work to attend a three-day symposium devoted to it speaks to the continuingly uncertain place of Frye's Canadian writings within his better known international literary theory and criticism.
Cost reductions were implemented with minimal impact on the bank's overall business objectives and by continuingly exercising disciplined risk management practices, the bank was able to deliver strong financial results.

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