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Continuum also owns properties and leases them to independent operators.
Continuum has been attracting dancers and other curious movers since 1967.
With the problem so outlined, it will be convenient to treat the atom as imbedded in a sphere of very large radius R, in order to simplify the treatment of the continuum.
The continuum theory also deconstructs the notion of custodiality as an essential element of archival preservation, as owning a document or considering it at a certain place.
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE While Cantor was struggling with the continuum hypothesis, other mathematicians were exploring the implications of Cantor's dramatically broad vision of sets.
Evaluators can use the continuum as a guide to judge whether an officer's force choice was appropriate, ineffective, or excessive.
A continuum of care is a concept that many long-term care facilities are embracing.
We found ourselves with "units" caring for SCI patients when what we wanted was a seamless continuum of care.
Continuum serves 1,000+ primary care physicians, specialists and nurse practitioners in private practice and hospital-affiliated settings.
As taught by most law enforcement academies, the use-of-force continuum consists of five levels, with each tier representing an escalation in force from the preceding level.
With BroadlaneeIUs help over the past five years, Continuum Health Partners has made enormous improvements in virtually every area of our supply chain operations and it would be hard to overstate how vital those improvements have been for the health of our organization," said Gail Donovan, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Continuum Health Partners.
Continuum Approach(TM)' improves a client's ability to plan and compete," said Bill Nanny, chief of national accounts for Continuum.

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