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According to Telelogic the ChangeSynergy product, which was acquired by the company last year from Continuus Software, is the only system of its kind to offer end-to-end visibility of any type of change by automating the interactions between people and processes.
Coggrave has also held leadership roles at Telelogic, Continuus Software, Jacada, Texas Instruments and Websense.
In 1995 he joined Continuus Software (now Telelogic) as vice president and CFO.
Blue Lobster Software, and Continuus Software Corporation.
Prior to Websense, he served as vice president of international sales at Continuus Software where he increased international revenues to $12.
Van Den Berg also held management positions with Continuus Software, MapInfo and Unisys Corporations.
lt; executive vice president of worldwide operations for < Continuus Software and senior vice president of product < management and marketing for the Client/Server Technologies < division of Unisys.
com, Continuus Software, Gupta Corporation, Lotus Development, and Nantucket Corporation.
Price was a consultant to Continuus Software Corporation (Nasdaq: CNSW) after their acquisition of Pagoda Corporation, a company Mr.
Previously, in VP-level positions at technology companies including online storage leader Xdrive and business performance systems stalwart Callidus Software, and as Director for change management pioneer Continuus Software, Kevin helped define corporate identity and product strategies that fueled significant business growth.
KnowledgeSynergy was a key emerging technology at Continuus Software, before their acquisition by Telelogic AB," said Ali Diba, President and CEO of DCSE.