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Darragh finished his Leaving Cert last summer and has already landed work as a professional contortionist with top Irish company Circus Gerbola.
LET'S TWIST: Contortionist Casey Morris shows off her skills.
Video To see a video of contortionist Kiros Hadgu, log on to our website: www.
Cabaret shows will take place in the evenings, starting with a family friendly variety performances from 6pm, featuring Chinese pole artists, circus juggling, contortionists and hula-hooping.
The bubble contortionist - a lady inside a giant bubble performing ballet tricks, will put on a show and there will be parades by some well-loved cartoon characters all day long.
He is one of two contortionists among wacky acts in the telly star search hosted by Ant and Dec.
I looked like a contortionist trying to point to different elements in different places,"says Railsback.
National TV and Radio Advertising Campaign Featuring Contortionist to Make Over 99 Million Consumer Impressions
Kesler--part contortionist, part yogi--was strong and supple as she unfurled into a headstand atop a small slanted table, creating as much interest in stillness and balance as movement.
In the first, the grouse turns Houdini to perform a breathtaking contortionist trick.
A TINY contortionist who escaped with pounds 50,000 after he mailed himself into a post office has become a big star in Italy.