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We should like, also, to discuss with you the drawing up of a contract for a term of years, say ten, during which we shall have the exclusive right of publishing in book-form all that you produce.
The night's young yet, and it's Helen Breakfast and the mail contract for me in the morning.
S exchanges this variable annuity contract for a new one.
In contracting this may mean we have to live with the terms of the contract for months or even years to come.
When personnel prepare the requirements for a follow-on contract to an existing cost-reimbursement or T & M contract for services, they should work with the contracting officer to determine if any portion can be broken out and ordered on a fixed-price basis.
NIPARS is often referred to as the first generation (1991 through 1995) contract for non-standard parts support.
Many times your design professional or contractor will have a standard contract for your execution prior to their initiation of work.
A best value contract for stevedore services has just been awarded at the Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point, N.
02-cent-per-kilowatt rate hinges on its ability to contract for energy below that price.
For example, Lifson suggests that a dairy that uses heat to process milk could enter a long-term contract for fuel.
However, as Medicare evolved, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and Congress put into place polices that made it impossible to privately contract for Medicare covered services.

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