contractual clause

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Equally, a contractual clause might seek to broaden the protection granted by the legislation in relation to reproduction of a work protected by copyright.
Gary Breen is facing a fight for his first-team future after Kevin Ball signalled his dissatisfaction with Sunderland's defensive efforts by triggering a contractual clause to bring Neill Collins back to Wearside.
Redhall now says the termination has triggered a contractual clause where responsibility for the workers is transferred to Vivergo - a claim the bio-fuels firm has dismissed.
Due to a contractual clause in the agreement, the Company is not free to state the name of the specific client at this time.
subject to a contractual clause limiting the resale to a rate of
Ferguson is recording an album there is probably a contractual clause preventing those involved from talking about it.
Any contractual clause to this effect will be rendered void and unenforceable, and the Treasurer will have the power to take legal action on behalf of the State to recover unlawfully paid success fees.
This contractual clause is a form of penalty on companies for not drilling within the initial exploration period.
Carver says he does not know the contractual clause which would guarantee a new deal and says he will pick his team on merit.
As a special gesture, Gazprom will also not apply a contractual clause of "take-or-pay" until March next year.
This move would circumnavigate a contractual clause which could potentially still entitle the Ricoh's current sporting tenants, Coventry City, to 'first option' rights on the charity's shares in ACL.
Any move would be held up by a complicated contractual clause between Bayer Leverkusen, Can's club, and Bayern Munich, who had sold him to them a year earlier.