contractual obligation

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For example, taxpayers who make an advance payment under a contractual obligation may be eligible to deduct the entire expense in the year paid, even though some of the services are to be rendered in the following year.
This derives from the contractual obligation that a nation enters into when it joins an intergovernmental organization.
In effect, the sue-and-labor clause transforms what was an implied duty under maritime law into an express contractual obligation between the insured and the underwriters.
Contracts: Cases and Theory of Contractual Obligation, 2nd Edition
The North Carolina Court of Appeals held that Helen's second will was valid, because the mutual will placed no contractual obligation on her to refrain from executing a new will; see Est.
The IAM is accusing Boeing of violating a contractual obligation to give 180 days notice before such decisions and to allow time for the union to suggest alternatives.
The cost represents an amount to be incurred by the combined company under a contractual obligation of the acquired company that existed before the consummation date and will either continue after the plan is completed with no economic benefit to the combined company or be a penalty incurred by the combined company to cancel that contractual obligation.
Imposes on one entity a contractual obligation (1) to deliver cash or another financial instrument to a second entity or (2) to exchange financial instruments on potentially unfavorable terms with the second entity.
The special bonus payments were not technically subject to a preexisting contractual obligation, but were calculated in an amount necessary to compensate the taxpayer's management investors for the difference between the current price and exercise price of the options that would not survive the merger.
In certain circumstances, an auditor has a statutory or contractual obligation to report on other information, such as an operations report by management or the board of directors, financial summaries or highlights, employment data, capital expenditures, financial ratios and selected quarterly data.