contradiction of terms

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With this singular contradiction of terms, brother Ned gave Tim Linkinwater a slap on the back, which made him look, for the moment, almost as apoplectic as the butler: and tossed off the contents of his glass in a twinkling.
For Kelley, the countercultural program of the '60s, with its psychedelic, anarchist, feminist, and sexual submilieus, represents not just a beautiful political past but also a notoriously underrated link between politics and art, part of the Surrealist legacy and an alternative to American high modernism and its bloodless high descendants: "Radicalism and art are a contradiction of terms to American museum culture (academic Puritan agitprop of the Hans Haacke variety notwithstanding).
Permanent relocatables is a contradiction of terms, but that's what it's become,'' said board member Gary Cabriales.