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Derrida's admission is astounding because the most outstanding thinker of the gift-aporia, and the thinker who implicitly employs something of an oscillating or oscillational logic to respectfully reflect the gift's contradictoriness in Given Time, has finally given up on the gift--or is about to.
Although the text, at times, fails to push the contradictoriness and continui ty of blackness and black womanhood, it is a meaningful reading of, and contribution to, feminism that pushes the limits of black feminist thought.
In their abstraction humanity became ill from trying to isolate and expel the self's perplexing contradictoriness.
1) Queer theory(ies) engages with the instability of analytical concepts to develop a cultural critique: "a `queering' of discourses of identity in order to open up their contradictoriness and their discursive gaps, not to resolve those gaps, but to acknowledge the politics of meaning construction and definition as we narrate the world about us" (Alice et al.
The reader can approximate and appreciate the humanness, contradictoriness and vitality of the people involved in Sandy Bay - the Miskitu "bush boys," the town's residents, the Sandinista tropa (soldiers) and cadres stationed there - in those chapters and in Chapter 7 ("Community Politics in Transition to Autonomy, 1985-87").
The contradictoriness inherent in a collection like Disputed Ground also yields the following, however:
The ambiguities of poetic language and representation express the contradictoriness that Virgil finds deeply seated in the human heart.
The use of formal repetition that signals the impossibility, hopelessness, and contradictoriness of absurdity emphasizes the eternally repeating return.
25) It is not clear how critics who would resolve the contradictoriness of Rossetti's views of the world could incorporate such texts into their readings: see D'Amico, pp.
Inconsistency and discontinuity can be accommodated within any single character without necessarily rupturing it; contradictoriness may even become a character trait in itself, as, for example, in A.
The point instead would be to take up the fundamental methodological concept of articulation, and work the contingency and contradictoriness of all identifies, national and otherwise.
The multiplicity of perspectives and the montage of texts from different genres draw attention to the distorting effects of selecting sources, to the historian's problem of having to rely on scanty evidence, to the partiality, contradictoriness, unreliability, and questionable authenticity of historical sources and documents, and to the close affinity between history and stories.