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In contradistinction, Annas proposes that we see happiness as something initially indeterminate that acquires greater determinacy and scope as we develop our virtuous characters.
This, in contradistinction to the constitution itself, is what Levitt calls constitutionalism: whether constitutional rules effectively constrain the actions of politicians.
In contradistinction to teleological egalitarianism, what has been taken to be the traditional form may be called "nonteleological egalitarianism.
In Doncaster, in marked contradistinction, they are having a referendum on the same day, May 3rd, to decide whether to ditch an elected mayor.
Finally, the group proclaimed itself, in contradistinction with those who had protested the Vietnam War, to be "pro-American," firmly supportive of the Reagan administration's arms buildup and, most importantly, celebrating America as a nation with a divinely ordained mission.
In contradistinction to both of the two major schools influenced by Noth's work, the dualredaction school centered in Harvard and the tritoredaction school centered in Gottingen, Person is skeptical that the individual redactional layers and original sources can be distinctly discerned beneath the complex intertextuality evident in the various books.
Following Saad, one could speak of the really existing Islamic state in contradistinction to a phantasm of a state ever deferred.
6-19) Neither primary squamous cell carcinoma nor squamous cell carcinoma associated with dermoid cysts appears to be associated with significant ascites, in contradistinction to a number of other aggressive gynecologic neoplasms.
In contradistinction, a recent review of major cardiovascular treatment outcome evaluations published between 2000 and 2005 included 324 randomized clinical trials (Ridker & Torres, 2006).
In sharp contradistinction to BTS, the other nominees were real dissidents and opponents of totalitarian regimes, including a Cuban who had conducted 23 hunger strikes and others who had languished in prison.
Rokem describes the kind of dramatic and theatrical devices Plato gave Socrates to use, paradoxically and agonistically, to articulate specific philosophical ideas and the terms by which philosophy would establish itself as a new discipline in contradistinction to theater, poetry, and the arts.
Obama's "idealist" foreign policy in the Arab World now stands in direct contradistinction to the "realist" policies of George W.