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But it is important that our partners know that we never contrapose Eurasian integration to our dialogue with the European Union," he noted.
Nevertheless, Rousseau forms and shapes his narrative to contrapose the best and worst features of his character, and to highlight the crucial stages of his life, as when Book I ends with his fateful departure from Geneva at the age of sixteen.
Southey's Colloquies, which have never really recovered from Macaulay's demolition of them, contrapose "sound learning" and "a trading people" And Southey, too, owes something to Malthus, by 1818 advocating the same "moral restraint" for the lower classes and creating an "underconsumptionist" philosophy strikingly similar to Malthus's sensitivity to overproduction in his 1820 edition of Principles of Political Economy.
Of the many strong objections to Portnoy's Complaint, Omer-Sherman has chosen to focus on Marie Syrkin's negative review which too conveniently allows him to contrapose a Zionist to a Diasporist.
In order to be able to make meaningful efficiency comparisons, we contrapose efficiency levels of the public industrial enterprises with those of the private sector firms producing similar goods, where comparable data are available.
At the same time, each ruler's authority is always taken seriously, for only rarely is it questioned while it is never challenged earnestly, as demonstrated in three instances: at the end of Day Three, when Filostrato proposes a sad topic, which contraposes the brigata's purpose of pleasure; at the end of Day Five, when Dioneo intones a sequence of nine obscene songs; and also at the end of Day Six, when Dioneo proposes a topic for the next day's storytelling that is at first viewed as unbecoming to the group.