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158) As a contrapositive to this enunciation, the Feist Court refused to accede that the substantive usefulness of the work is sufficient to overcome this threshold bar.
See Jim Loy, Converse, Inverse, Contrapositive (1999), http://www.
286) This approach is valid because the dissent is strong evidence of Plessy's contrapositive and because Brown was the case that changed Harlan's opinion from an anti-canonical text into an authoritative one.
81) If (4) is false, its contrapositive, premise (5), is also false.
Since, by assumption, s is reachable in M, we can instantiate (G2) for state s, and then take the contrapositive, which yields
Part (2) of the lemma can also be shown straightforwardly by proving the contrapositive, constructing arguments that show [Psi]d ?
It is important to keep in mind that although price differences can provide evidence that two locations lie in different markets, the contrapositive does not hold.
In other words, indefinitely extensible concepts are not formalizable or, to take the contrapositive, any concept that is formalizable is not indefinitely extensible.
Matricial variants seem but to harbor their contrapositive or subjacent affiliates and, this, in non-sequential, un-dialectical stages.
As environmentalism has become entrenched, a contrapositive has sprung up, which may be called unvironmentalism.
Assuming that things persist, that Perdurance requires Static Time implies that rejecting Endurance requires rejecting Transient Time, which is the contrapositive of L1.
The contrapositive of the sufficiency condition of Theorem 3 is of some economic interest, stating a condition that must hold under an assumption that all risk averters value the information more than the risk neutral benchmark.