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While kids will be captivated by the intricate contraptions they can create and the amazing chain reactions that follow, the game is designed to bring out the young engineer inside each child:
They would have to assemble the contraptions, ride them round the streets for three hours and then disassemble them.
Steampunk designers work their magic to transform antique machinery and natural materials of 19th century technology, such as brass, wood, and exposed gears, into mechanical sculptures, whimsical contraptions for imaginary characters, and decorations.
The FLOW artists decided to use their ingenious idea to inspire other young people to come up with their own sustainable contraption inspired by the River Tyne.
As well as eccentric contraptions which never caught on, the exhibition shows early versions of machines which are now commonplace, such as washing machines.
Disappointingly, however, the artist's attempts at topical critique turn out to be about as refined as the contraptions he devises to express it.
The result is a collection of more than 400 weird and wonderful objects, many of which were featured in his first book "Eccentric Contraptions and Amazing Gadgets, Gizmos and Thingamabobs".
But the bulky electronic contraptions draped around their necks made Brittan Elementary School students feel they were wearing dog tags and that their presence in school amounted to a mere bar code.
Those contraptions enabled the researchers to monitor volunteers' sleep stages, providing guidance about when to administer PET scans to the slumberers.
Associate Editor Brian Doherty discusses some people's discomfort with the "violence" inherent in TV shows such as Robot Wars and Battlebots, which feature technologically advanced metal contraptions fighting to the finish.
There is no excuse for these despicable contraptions.