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He may feel a sense of contrariness ("us against the whole world"), but he or she is conscious of his country being considered by many as an apartheid state, oppressing another people.
From its beginning the artificial state was full of perversity and contrariness, in 1971 this geographic absurdity split apart in savage violence and massive death with the West Wing emerging as Pakistan and the East Wing as Bangladesh.
This kind of contrariness became even more pronounced after the 1965 elections, where he was forced into a run-off.
Although the prevailing viewpoint in Buddhist scholarship has tended toward a utilitarian conclusion on the issue of sila, especially with regard to Theravada studies, and despite the contrariness of Mahayana-based testimony, an ever-increasing volume of new scholarship has rejected the so-called "transcendency thesis," in favor of a more valued role for those practices collected under the categorical term sila.
And, given the general contrariness of weather patterns, having predicted sunshine, the rain gods might decide to spoil the party.
But as a model of innovation it is too centralized, too evidence-based, too "marketing science"-orientated to have the freedom and contrariness to originate new categories that can create even greater value.
Yet we detect a contrariness in church leadership in not reading the signs of the times, or place.
Perceived contrariness, alongside the lack of a stable position relative to his peers and the succeeding tradition, distinguished Jarrell as poet and critic from the very beginning.
There were times during this opener - which featured Danny Baker (more of his mad contrariness later), Robert Webb and Fern Britton - that I began wondering who will be on next week (it's Gregg Wallace, Sarah Millican and Gabby Logan) but I decided that the opportunity for more discussion and disagreement does up the interest level.
He loved to challenge us with his gift of language, his knowledge of the game, his downright contrariness and it all made for stimulating broadcasting and stimulating writing," Maxwell told the service.
Hermsprong is attractive because his contrariness testifies to the imperturbability of his reason, and to hear his conversation is to be smitten with a man who is rational because he is, or purports to be, disinvested from place, property, or political standing.
Anyone who has seen a restless horse in the paddock will verify the contrariness of it.