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25) Beno, 2:383: "Cui contrarius Hildebrandus aut membrum Antychristi fuit, aut ipse Antychristus.
E]t ipse diabolus qui Deo contrarius est et ipsi impii homines Iudei Sarraceni pagani haeretici qui Deo contrari sunt.
Ductus figuratus, meanwhile, has three subdivisions: ductus contrarius, in which the orator seeks subtly to persuade his listeners of quite the opposite of what he appears to be arguing for; ductus oblicus, when he wants to persuade them of the opposite of what he is saying, and at the same time adopts an oblique approach to his ostensible case; and ductus per subiectionem, in which he is prevented by shame or fear from stating openly the case he wishes to argue for, but wants nonetheless to hint at it in such a way that it is understood by his audience.