contrary to expectations

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To the joy and pride of the whole army, a personal interview was refused, and instead of the Sovereign, Prince Dolgorukov, the victor at Wischau, was sent with Savary to negotiate with Napoleon if, contrary to expectations, these negotiations were actuated by a real desire for peace.
The old man, contrary to expectation, seemed to be on the way to recovery, when one night Silas, sitting up by his bedside, observed that his usual audible breathing had ceased.
His prediction was nearly fulfilled, but in a very different way from that which De Bassompierre supposed; for after the death of Richelieu everything went on, contrary to expectation, in the same way as before; and Bassompierre had little chance of leaving his prison.
Contrary to expectations, no politicians have been named in the charge sheet and the CBI plans to file a supplementary document within a month in the case.
Contrary to expectations no suggestions were received on eliminating criminals from the fray or on ending money and muscle power in the polls.
But contrary to expectations, then-President SE-leyman Demirel gave the duty of forming the new government not to Eciller but to another party, thereby eliminating the Erbakan-Eciller coalition from power.
Contrary to expectations, Europe did not undergo a healing process in 2014; whilst long-dated bonds generated remarkable performances, European equities underperformed, said Union Bancaire Privee (UBP).
Contrary to expectations, this particular embassy seems to have staff competency issues.
However, contrary to expectations, the National Bank projects that the prices of cereal crops will drop as result of the improved global offer and positive expectations for the yields of next harvest.
Contrary to expectations, scientists observed an extreme drop in the vertical speed for these stars.
Contrary to expectations Sb beat its two rivals - the Rafale, made by France's Dassault company, and US aviation giant Boeing's F-18 Super Hornet - for the contract.
4 per cent in the third quarter, contrary to expectations that the economy would move into growth.