contrary to reason

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Consider, then, Anselmo my friend, that Camilla is a diamond of the finest quality as well in thy estimation as in that of others, and that it is contrary to reason to expose her to the risk of being broken; for if she remains intact she cannot rise to a higher value than she now possesses; and if she give way and be unable to resist, bethink thee now how thou wilt be deprived of her, and with what good reason thou wilt complain of thyself for having been the cause of her ruin and thine own.
That being so, it's contrary to reason and common sense for me to sell out my passage.
In conceiving a way to best express the idea that even a murderer can come full circle and see the light of the sun in a sky without any sun, O'Connor found a happy solution in the paradox, in language contrary to reason yet evocative of the truth.
If that were not the case, we would have to assume that what is morally true in one realm is untrue in the other, which is contrary to reason.
This notion is grounded in the essence of political correctness, which is that all viewpoints, no matter how outlandish or otherwise contrary to reason, are entitled to the same weight and credibility and that no statement of policy, whether grounded in the tradition of 230 years of American jurisprudence or dreamed up by some "cultural studies" professor at Stanford in the last 20 minutes, is really superior to any other.
Benedict claimed at Regensburg that to act contrary to reason is to act contrary to God, because God is reasonable.
That report laments, contrary to reason, "that inappropriate political interference [from the Bush administration] and media favoritism are compromising federal climate science.
Neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the emperor's comments, the pope noted that violent conversion was ``contrary to God's nature,'' as well as contrary to reason.
Abu Zaid's research involves the use of modern linguistic methods to uncover the 'Mutazilite concepts of figurative speech in Quranic exegesis', derived from Mutazilah's rationalist school which was in turn derived from Greek philosophical thought, according to which, God will not act contrary to reason.
NEARLY 40 YEARS AGO POPE JOHN XXIII wrote that it is contrary to reason to hold that war is now a suitable way to restore rights which have been violated," and two years later the bishops of Vatican II called for an entirely new attitude toward war.
Benthamites clashed, however, with local employers and poor law officials who assumed, in the words of a correspondent from Boreham, Essex, that "it was contrary to reason that any person should pay a man for his work sufficient to support a whole family.
argues that an initial silence reflected uncertainty about how to reply to the questions raised by Gnostic negativity regarding the body, by the Platonic teaching about the migration of the soul, the immortality of the soul, and the notion of cyclical return, and by assertions that God could not reconstruct decayed bodies and that the resurrection of the dead was contrary to reason and nature.