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The foregoing contrastive discussion does not pretend to be a thorough treatment of the Dutch sound system, and is intended only to point out how a contrastive analysis can assist in anticipating problems that might arise in the voice studio.
The notation of these examples indicates that (8) is non-contrastive as compared with (9) which is contrastive (emphatic).
De ce fait, et au vu des proprietes syntaxiques, prosodiques et informationnelles de ce type d'enonce, nous considerons qu'il est plus adapte de lui attribuer le nom de <<focalisation contrastive a gauche>> (FCG dorenavant).
The informants were 6 female Central Catalan speakers (identified as DV, ER, NM, NG, MC and CP) who read a total of 100 sentences each (20 for broad focus, 20 for contrastive narrow focus in medial position, 20 for contrastive narrow focus in final position, 20 for new information narrow focus in medial position, and 20 for new information narrow focus in final position).
4) The definite phrase marked by enclitic -mm at the beginning of a sentence, therefore, conveys two pieces of pragmatic information at the same time: it is the topic or contains the given information, and it indicates contrastive focus as well (of.
Bajo el titulo Contrastive Analysis of Non-Verbal Elements in the Discourse of Economics in English and in Spanish, Jose Maria Bravo e Isabel Pizarro senalan la importancia de los elementos no verbales en el discurso economico, concretamente en varios subgeneros tecnicos: los informes de auditoria y los informes anuales.
When this advance and retreat recurs throughout the performance, the shared and contrastive characteristics of the ancestral brolga and jadmi dancer are repeatedly foregrounded, energising this relationship.
Both in the standard model of FG and in FDG, the parameter of contrast is related to the parameter of focality, by the distinction of one subtype of Focus called Contrastive Focus (cf.
tables and columns to indicate simultaneous contrastive and unifying emphasis;
Casanave focuses on five broad topics: contrastive rhetoric, "paths to improvement" (i.