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Based on this, the contrast effect seems to be a contrastive reaction specifically to the Chinese prime which is very traditional.
In the context of any debate between two actions or policies, it is necessary to offer contrastive reasons that contrast the appropriate alternatives--the alternatives that are relevant in the context of the debate.
Recently, developments in contrastive rhetoric have expanded not only basic topics in English as a second language (ESL) and EFL fields but also in the fields of English for specific purposes (ESP) and English for academic purposes (EAP) to include additional cross-cultural discussions.
Although my intention to be horrible arises in me without a known cause or contrastive explanation and leads me to act horribly, no one currently takes this mundane and nasty fact of my mental life to relieve me of responsibility; it more likely condemns me.
This is a thought of exposure--of painting as a medium of exposure--and it is dramatized as the endlessly repeated and yet never quite foreseeable meeting of painted and nonpainted, as it also is dramatized in the unfolding of the canvas itself, its passage from the monistic wholeness of a monochrome relief to the contrastive structure of a surface riven by difference.
Both De Rooze's and this study use journalistic texts, and therefore, this contrastive analysis could provide a glimpse into whether the results from this controlled experimental study are similar to those in published translations.
Always interested in addressing practicalities of dialogue rather than abstractions, Michel, in his chapter comparing John Paul II and Said Nursi, presents an incarnational way of treating the commonalities, as well as the contrastive emphases, that can be found in the approaches of the two faiths.
As a result, a comparative and contrastive approach cannot and is not utilized; all explanations are provided in Italian.
The narrators' dress, behavior, and conversation illustrate features of culture (values, beliefs, behaviors, norms) in contrastive settings.
By juxtaposing three contrastive views, the book illuminates how different views of nature might affect one's ethical views toward technological and bioengineering advancement.
The emphatic stress placement is unpredictable and its role is contrastive in relation to the context, i.