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Experiment 2: Still take SVM using the Gaussian kernel function as the classifier to analyze the performance of CMMF and CMMCF contrastively when targets fly off the radar station.
The customs and norms of one cultural heritage may well vary vastly and contrastively from another.
There is one pair of vowels, /E/-/ee/, that is used contrastively in each of these three languages.
The skirt, contrastively, would seem to have abundant agency; its protean qualities proliferate; each time it twirls we see another facet--perhaps because that under is the mirror upon which all society's projections are reflected.
Contrastively, taking such somatic disturbances to be morally and cognitively significant may well bring one's perceptions, projects, and self-image into question.
The aspect ratio, retting degree, tensile strength, transcrystalline, and interface behavior of dew- and enzyme-retted fibers were characterized contrastively for their promising application in composites as reinforcing material.
The VN type and NP type items, contrastively, as they included stative verbs, were intended as ungrammatical, as Standard English does not generally accept stative verbs in the progressive aspect.
Contrastively, Chinese people could well spend several hours on even one single eating event".
Contrastively, for instance, White Spanish or White English do not refer to a substandard variety of these languages, but to a type of grape and a dog breed, respectfully
This paper investigates contrastively how interactional resources of citation and, in particular reporting verbs, are deployed in the LR chapters of PhD theses written in English and in Spanish.
Rather than highlight these negative depictions of Latino/a prospective teachers, we sought the perspectives of teacher educators who contrastively might offer a way to think about their strengths, knowledge, and skills.
Determinacy, initially contrastively determined by negation and next determined by a prior determiner, has now emerged as self-determined determinacy.