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In a statement yesterday, the upper house of the National Assembly slammed top Iranian officials' statements which contravene relations and agreements bonding the GCC and the Islamic republic.
Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) said it has published global research revealing the growing appetite of Generation Y employees to contravene corporate policies governing use of own devices, personal cloud storage accounts and new technologies such as smart watches, Google Glass and connected cars.
The state claims that some buildings in the area contravene zoning regulations.
He pointed out that participants in the rally chanted humiliating slogans which represented an affront to public order, moral decency and contravene the laws governing rallies.
BANNED bowler Mohammad Amir has admitted he played for a village side in Surrey at the weekend but insists he believed the match was a friendly and did not contravene his suspension.
In this case, disclosure would contravene the first data protection principle, which states that personal information must be processed fairly and lawfully.
BRUSSELS: The European Union executive criticized Denmark's plans to introduce border controls Friday, saying any permanent customs checks would contravene EU rules on free movement of people and goods.
to Afghanistan, but then Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda brushed the idea aside, saying it could contravene the Constitution.
Summary: The Swiss government urged voters on Thursday to reject a proposed ban on new minarets, saying it would contravene religious freedom and human rights, and could provoke extremists.
Seri expressed his solidarity with the people at risk of eviction and reiterated that Israeli actions contravene international law and obligations under the Road Map.
The construction permits appear to contravene Israel's obligations.
In his letter to Speed, Khan warned: "Comments made by Darrell Hair and indeed yourself appear to contravene the very provisions of the code of conduct you have quoted in detail.