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But the decision would likely mean investing in new border facilities, more customs officials and extensive video surveillance of cars crossing Danish borders, which the Commission says would contravene a prohibition against "systematic" border controls.
Supporters of a ban say minarets have no religious justification and are symbols of Islamic power which contravene Swiss constitutional rights to religious freedom.
Rice stressed that such construction contravenes the road map.
As the NFTC's attorney put it in a perhaps sly evocation of Chairman Mao's infamous "hundred flowers" movement, "Allowing a thousand, or ten thousand, different foreign policies to bloom would be a detriment to the nation and contravene the constitutional plan.
Finally, the German High Court stated that this decision does not contravene European freedom of services requirements because they allow exemptions for important reasons.
While the focus of the writings selected is on the efforts of Roman Catholics to undermine the authority of the monarchy (xx), the introduction makes it clear that James's responses to the efforts of the Presbyterian clergy in Scotland in the 1590s and by the members of Parliament in 1621 to contravene the power of the king as well indicate his primary concern with orderly governance under a strong monarch to control the divisiveness of religious and political dissent.
In Elstad, the defendant made incriminating statements during an interrogation that was later determined to contravene Miranda.
The European Union issued a statement saying it ``deeply deplores'' the decision, adding that it had repeatedly stated that ``settlements in the occupied territories contravene international law and are a major obstacle to peace.
The court stated further that the result the Service sought would contravene the intent and purpose of the FICA tip provisions, which focus on the individual employee, not on employees in the aggregate.
The violations amount to crimes which are punishable by the law as they contravene the law governing rallies and protests", Mr.
Article Four: Cancels all that may contravene with this Royal Decree and the attached amendments or contradicts with their provisions.
Seri expressed his solidarity with the people at risk of eviction and reiterated that Israeli actions contravene international law and obligations under the Road Map.