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A term of French law meaning an act violative of a law, a treaty, or an agreement made between parties; a breach of law punishable by a fine of fifteen francs or less and by an imprisonment of three days or less. In the U.S. legal system, a breach or violation of the provisions of a contract, statute, or treaty.


noun antagonism, argument, breakkng an obligation, clash, conflict, confrontation, contention, contest, contradiction, controversion, counteraction, debate, denial, disagreement, discord, dissent, disunion, disunity, divisiveness, friction, gainsaying, infringement, lack of concord, negation, opposing, oppugnancy, quarrel, rebuttal, resistance, transgression, traversal, variance, violation, vying with, wrangle
Associated concepts: contravention of a contract, contravennion of a statute, contravention of an agreement
See also: ademption, annulment, breach, conflict, confutation, contention, contradiction, counterargument, crime, criticism, denial, disapproval, exception, impugnation, infraction, infringement, negation, objection, opposition, rejection, resistance, transgression


see CRIME.

CONTRAVENTION, French law. An act which violates the law, a treaty or an agreement which the party has made. The Penal Code, art. 1, denominates a contravention, that infraction of the law punished by a fine, which does not exceed fifteen francs, and an imprisonment not exceeding three days.

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Given this process, we can confirm that the warning period for contraventions recorded from the vehicle has been extended by two weeks and Penalty Charge Notices are scheduled to start on July 1 .
The Higher Level penalty charge will be payable for those contraventions falling within one or more of the descriptions of contravention listed in column (2) of Table 2 (on street contraventions) or Table 3 (off street contraventions) to the Order.
Dubai -- The Dubai Financial Services Authority, or DFSA, on Wednesday announced that it has fined the DIFC branch of Deutsche Bank, $8,400,000 (Dh30,849,000) for serious contraventions.
000 contraventions ont ete dressees proposant la fermeture de 770 locaux, outre la collecte d'un montant de plus d'un (01) million DA concernant le non application des prix des produits subventionnes par l'Etat.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted proceedings against Coverall Cleaning Concepts South East Melbourne Pty Ltd (Coverall Melbourne) alleging that it engaged in unconscionable conduct in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
IFSQ managed clients' investments causing it to breach the scope of its authorisation, in contravention of Article 11(2) of the Qatar Financial Centre Law;
After this news conference, I hope that no hospital would ever again test the state and make any contravention.
There are a total of six contravention codes being amended in order to reduce abuse of the parking restrictions in place.
The adjudicating authority confirmed the ED findings and held that JIPL, its directors and foreign investors have committed contraventions under FEMA.
It is the first settlement by the Central Bank with a firm for contraventions of capital requirements and the third for contraventions of liquidity requirements.
the philosophical inconsistency lying at the basis of the distinction between offences and contraventions.
The $ 11- billion company has been slapped a notice by the ministry of corporate affairs for over a dozen contraventions of regulations.