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This could see you take an instant dislike, or have quick-fire contretemps.
Then comes warring over what to watch on television which sparks 63 per cent of festive contretemps, online shopping site MyVoucherCodes.
Le dernier probleme en date est le enieme contretemps subi par Frank Lampard.
The contretemps took place against a background of European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding calling French president Nicolas Sarkozy's policy on expulsions of Roma a "disgrace" while alluding to World War 2 policies against minorities.
The book is entertaining and informative, like an interesting segment of "60 Minutes" --which has, in fact, featured the contretemps of the Broward Sheriff's Office on several programs over the years.
Hamas cannot even control the Gaza Strip enough to stop tiny opposition groups from flinging rockets into Israel, which apparently has caused latest contretemps.
But they warrant further attention, particularly when the visit was marked by the contretemps over his bow to the emperor rather than substantive analysis.
I wrote my first articles for the South African Jewish Affairs whilst he was editor, and during that time, we had a little contretemps viz a viz Midstream.
Then there was the contretemps surrounding the launch of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, ASEAN's first human rights watchdog.
The contretemps in Chinatown has both a sweet and shadowy touch; Da Ges stigmata (his mothers suicide his fathers shameless market profiteering) gives a specific gravity to Ayshas ironically clueless family history.
Details and "dialogue" on the contretemps are at E&P's Fitz & Jen Give You The Business blog.
The odd thing about this contretemps -- in addition to China's presumption that the best way to prevent an undesired political development in Taiwan is to publicly order Washington to dictate to Taipei -- is that the referendum is widely expected to fail, for the same reasons that Mr.