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With reflections of this nature she usually, as has been hinted, accompanied every act of compliance with her brother's inclinations; and surely nothing could more contribute to heighten the merit of this compliance than a declaration that she knew, at the same time, the folly and unreasonableness of those inclinations to which she submitted.
But as if this vast local power in the tendinous tail were not enough, the whole bulk of the leviathan is knit over with a warp and woof of muscular fibres and filaments, which passing on either side the loins and running down into the flukes, insensibly blend with them, and largely contribute to their might; so that in the tail the confluent measureless force of the whole whale seems concentrated to a point.
And the increased intercourse among those of different States will contribute not a little to diffuse a mutual knowledge of their affairs, as this again will contribute to a general assimilation of their manners and laws.
Therefore for all persons to say the same thing was their own, using the word all in its distributive sense, would be well, but is impossible: in its collective sense it would by no means contribute to the concord of the state.
Contribution flexibility--Since it's viewed as a 401(k) with profit sharing, you get to decide each year whether to contribute and how much to contribute to your Solo 401(k).
The next move is to contribute to a traditional IRA (if the client is eligible to take a deduction on the contribution; we'll call this a deductible IRA) or a Roth IRA.
The reactions occurred in cells known to be critical for neural migration in the frontal brain, hippocampus, thalamus, and other structures that contribute to reasoning and learning.
A married individual who otherwise qualifies as an "eligible individual" can contribute to a health savings account (HSA) if his or her spouse has non-high-deductible (non-HDHP) family coverage that does not cover the individual.
Fricke, in the business for 19 years, said he was happy to contribute to a worthy endeavor.
While lack of sterile supplies is important, unnecessary injections and poor understanding of infection control principles and practices also contribute to the spread of bloodborne viruses.
Some Canadian Anglican dioceses, facing reduced investment income and a new obligation to contribute to the native residential schools settlement fund, are cutting their annual donation to General Synod.
This study examined the organizational factors that contribute to workers' frustration with their work situation.