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He uses "social justice" only once by which he apparently and unfortunately, for purposes of the present argument, means contributive justice.
Promoting the development of other services which are contributive to the realization of NSR principles;
In turn women will always strive their best to be helpful, supportive and contributive in shaping the people and the nation to move towards progress and prosperity.
By educating refugee children, we save them from falling into the quagmire and the aftermath of wars that may affect them psychologically, causing them to feel bitter and angry and wanting to take revenge, rather than being contributive members involved in the promotion of peace and love worldwide.
I used these building blocks to share my opinion in a way that was respectful and contributive to the betterment of the brand.
We want these companies to be more efficient and contributive to the Iraqi economy", he said, adding: "The government has no intention to get rid of the workers in these companies".
As I bring to you six interesting articles, I would like to reinforce BAR's commitment to a rigorous, contributive and timely editorial process.
In school setting, it is possible to demonstrate that notably do teachers and administrators play a great role in students" educating, but also the clerks as well as officers are contributive to the students' educating aspects.
Both were passionately committed and worked in different ways to provide different semantic emancipations as a significantly contributive condition for amelioration of human condition.
In a career spanning five decades, John Williams has become one of America's most accomplished and successful composers for film and for the concert stage, and he remains one of our nation's most distinguished and contributive musical voices.
AAUR is not only focusing on academic excellence but is also providing a contributive environment for co-curricular activities to the students," he added.
At Legrand, CSR is an integral part of the Group's business and strategy, and contributive to its growth.

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