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Here is a partial roster of some of the contributors to True/Slant:
The contributions will escape estate tax in the estate of the contributor, provided the contributor does not the prior to their use for the education of the beneficiary.
Major contributors to Hearns' campaign include Eliopulos, $1,200; Pocker Properties Inc.
Contributors to Loa's campaign include Zamrzla, Antelope Valley Hospital board member Steve Fox, Palmdale School District board member Larry Logsdon, Lancaster Superior Court Judge Pamela Rogers and Aero-Tech Contractors of Quartz Hill.
KCET has, however, routinely rented contributor lists from other organizations, including political groups from both main parties, Goen said.
Sorsabal's major contributors included Lou Bozigian, owner of a realty office and a former Lancaster mayor; and Johnny Zamrzla, a Palmdale contractor.
Because REIT shares tend to be publicly traded, such a structure provides the contributor with significant liquidity.
There is not much research to be found or reported on in Education Research in the Public Interest: the interests of the editors and contributors are mostly elsewhere, this despite the fact that one editor is the past president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the other is the president-elect.
The great majority of our retirees," a contributor reports, "continue .
The contributors are determined to prove that this "hidden" side was really important in the life of Trudeau the politician.
Long-time contributor and associate editor Tom McSorley writes about the deeply personal films of Peter Mettler, and The Globe and Mail's Gary Michael Dault writes on the films of Robert Lepage.
The slow pace in identifying and confirming genetic contributors for complex diseases is due primarily to the difficulties of detecting relatively weak, incremental genetic effects as well as to the possibility that even moderate or strong effects involving a genetic contributor may require the co-occurrence of one or more environmental contributors (Hodgson and Popat 2003).