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Tehmina Daultana spent most of her contrivance funds in her ancestral district which have been declared illegal by audit officials.
If Malick intended a spiritual message geared to our day, he succeeded: With all the contrivance and bombast of current cinematographic technology, his parallel wisdom is equally superficial.
While you can think what you like about the contrivance of ensuring a decider at the Suncorp Stadium, it is to be hoped that normal service is resumed in the final game of the rugby league series.
Still, at least the punters in this standard-issue reality telly contrivance were genuinely on a journey.
A machine is a contrivance that does some kind of work.
Each is a worthy example of an ingenium, which is medieval English vernacular for an "ingenious contrivance.
Worse still, is the contempt being shown for voters by his contrivance to stand as an Independent, when a glance at the Forward Wales website shows him listed as policy director of that party.
Besides the fact that the UK is a contrivance, it has no real purpose other than to serve the glorified interests of Brown and the Westminster political establishment, so the sooner it is dissolved the better.
alleges that the defendant misrepresented or omitted a material fact or employed a manipulative device or contrivance in connection with the purchase, sale or holding of the equity or other security.
All of these moves were signed off by the board of directors of the companies, and in a few instances I hear rumors that these changes were made with the acquiescence, sometimes even with the contrivance, of the executive directors.
First up is Celebrity Duets, Simon Cowell's latest musical contrivance, in which actors and other celebs who can sing (mostly) pair with legendary stars such as Peter Frampton, Patti LaBelle, and Smokey Robinson.
Instead we're landed with this artificial contrivance of a muddle headed Conservative/Lib Dem coalition cooked up behind the scenes by just 60-odd councillors with a mandate from nobody.