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The strength and elasticity of foam under tension also compared favourably with the control experiment.
Recent studies underline the need to check the biological effects of a commercial protein preparation derived from a biological source by means of a broad range of control experiments.
But new evidence suggests that the CIA may have spiked bread with LSD in a mind control experiment.
Boeing and NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, earlier this year signed a $229,000 contract that has enabled the Tank Pressure Control Experiment (TPCE) to gain additional information as it rides in Columbia's cargo bay.
coli O157:H7 positive manure and kept outside the Botany Garden under fluctuating environmental conditions and used as control experiments as earlier stated.
Control experiments were carried out in same steps with nothing done to the water in the third-reservoir.
THREE men given LSD without their consent during secret 1950s mind control experiments have been paid compensation.
These findings are unexpected because the viruses with the 1918 genes had not been adapted to mice; control experiments in which mice were infected with modern human viruses showed little disease and limited viral replication.
Control experiments were performed without fungus using the same conditions.
Until that point is reached and because of the difficulties involved in designing human interfaces and the human control of complex systems, we must find quantitative ways to measure compensation and we must control experiments to address compensation issues.
Control experiments using untreated straw were preformed for each time period.