control trade

See: monopolize
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To a question regarding line of control trade with India the spokesperson said that Pakistan had decided to resume trade through Line of Control in the best interest of Kashmiris.
The member nations of the customs union apply a unified customs tariff and other common actions to control trade in goods with third nations.
The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC's) National Instrument Rule 23-103 (NI 23-103) that is due to take effect on May 31, 2013 increases regulations on electronic trading and direct electronic access to marketplaces, and mandates risk management tools to control trade orders.
Irfan Sheikh suggested the departments concerned to join hands with private sector for finding out a methodology to scale up exports' graph that was a prerequisite to control trade deficit.
Among the issues that are expected to be discussed at the upcoming meeting are CBMs related to Jammu and Kashmir and missile tests and steps to boost cross-Line of Control trade and travel, official sources said.
The30-taper machining center that's envisioned theoretically would not be subjected to export control trade orders.
Since the UAE is an open market and Dubai an international trading city Al Majid opposed moves by the US to control trade to countries that it has targeted with restrictions.
Markus Eickhoff to Lead Europe Team, and C-Track Optical Sensor Given Siblings at Control Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany
We certainly don't want to slow down consumption, and we really can't control trade because it's partly up to international market demand," Mr Xie said.
New licensing arrangements for apple imports have come under fire from critics who fear they could be used to control trade.
In recent years, range countries also have enacted federal and/or provincial laws to control trade.
Kola is God's Gift is the first major study of an industry that, together with gold, enabled the Asante peoples to sustain their military capacity and, hence resist British attempts to control trade and Asante's political economy.