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3) No more than 25 percent of the total equity of which is held, owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the financial holding company and its directors, officers, employees and principal shareholders;
If either Distributing or Controlled is acquired in a plan that existed at the time of a Sec.
482-7(a)(2), the IRS may make allocations, but only to the extent necessary to make each controlled participant's share of intangible development costs (IDCs) equal to its share of reasonably anticipated benefits.
Continuous loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight gravimetric systems include a flexible-walled volumetric feeder mounted on a scale base and controlled with a closed-loop loss-in-weight controller, which can be configured to handle multiple feeders.
Injection unit: Horizontal, reciprocating screw (electronically controlled DFE pump and proportional valve)
Or we might simply avoid contact with the Other by not welcoming it into our tightly controlled existence in the first place.
Modern digital flight control systems use approximations of mathematical equations that result in very high order systems to replicate the natural response of a non-electronically controlled aircraft.
In particular, the Board has considered the number of competitors that would remain in the markets, the relative shares of total deposits in depository institutions in the markets ("market deposits") controlled by BB&T and First Virginia, (10) the concentration level of market deposits and the increase in this level as measured by the Herfindahl--Hirschman Index ("HHI") under the Department of Justice Merger Guidelines ("DOJ Guidelines"), (11) other characteristics of the markets, and commitments made by BB&T to divest certain branches.
Thus, although the MDRTB and drug-sensitive TB outbreaks in the United States and Europe have largely been controlled, the consequences of these outbreaks are still being felt.
The issue of when a subsidiary is sufficiently controlled by a parent to merit consolidated financial reporting goes back many years (see "A History of Consolidation Policy," page 41).
The effect of these amendments on the "control" requirement is to prevent a postdistribution change in the ownership of either the distributing or controlled corporation from adversely affecting gain nonrecognition on the transfer of assets from the distributing to the controlled corporation.
As variations are controlled and the process is stabilized, castings that consistently meet customer quality requirements may be produced.

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