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If a controlled participant makes pre-existing intangible property in which it owns an interest available to other controlled participants for purpose, of research in the intangible development area under a QCSA, it is treated as having transferred interests in such property to the other controlled participants and each such other controlled participant must make a buy-in payment to the owner (Regs.
The facts in the letter ruling involved a nonexempt company and three related tax-exempt corporations that formed a controlled group within the meaning of Sec.
The temperature and flow rate are controlled to keep the process constant, regardless of the ambient temperature.
Also a single bushing with four independently controlled tips, where each tip has its own thermocouple and heat source that can be turned on and off.
In another industry first, the implemented control subsystem can be controlled in real time by the embedded system processor, allowing users to build control loops whose coefficients adjust as the system moves from start-up to quiescent.
With Lightspeed Systems Traffic Control for e-Business at the gateway, network traffic for multiple systems can be optimized and controlled to provide application scalability and reliability.
Firewall Control Manager allows customers to provide controlled access to certain resources on a case-by-case basis, without any threat to their mission-critical corporate resources.
CSS modules provide same features along with built-in ammeter, and in conjuction with CIM module, the ability to be remotely controlled and monitored from a PC.
The temperature and the flow rate are controlled to keep the process constant regardless of the ambient temperature.
Extensive range of single-feed hotrunner nozzles and multifeed bushings includes internally heated bushings based on thermocouple-controlled 24-v cartridge heaters; externally heated sensitive materials; multitip bushings with up to eight independently controlled tips within one bushing body; patented valve-gate bushings; and hybrid nozzles, which have been supplied up to 1300 mm, combining the gate-vestige control of the 24-v thermocouple cartridge bushing front section with low-pressure drop of the extended length rear section open-flow bushing.
There was also a disparity in treatment depending on whether Distributing or Controlled was acquired.

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