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Instantly the grasp upon her wrist relaxed as the body, no longer controlled by the brain of Ghek, stumbled aimlessly about for an instant before it sank to its knees and then rolled over on its back; but Tara of Helium waited not to note the full results of her act.
Standard features: All major movements controlled by AC servomotors and ballscrews while offering space-saving benefits of two-platen clamping mechanism.
In particular, the Board has considered the number of competitors that would remain in the markets, the relative shares of total deposits in depository institutions in the markets ("market deposits") controlled by BB&T and First Virginia, (10) the concentration level of market deposits and the increase in this level as measured by the Herfindahl--Hirschman Index ("HHI") under the Department of Justice Merger Guidelines ("DOJ Guidelines"), (11) other characteristics of the markets, and commitments made by BB&T to divest certain branches.
In Morris Trust, a non-taxable spin-off of a bank's insurance business was followed by a non-taxable merger of the bank with another bank controlled by a new group of shareholders.
The issue of when a subsidiary is sufficiently controlled by a parent to merit consolidated financial reporting goes back many years (see "A History of Consolidation Policy," page 41).
2] emissions are controlled by maintenance procedures for the burners in the afterburner section and by selective use of sulfur-containing materials.
Controlled participants not required to file a return must ensure that such a statement is attached to Schedule M of any Form 5471, Foreign Corporation Controlled by a U.
Research undertaken by Levenson (1973) concluded that "subjects who had problems discerning what to expect from their parents had significantly more perceptions of the world as unordered--as controlled by fate or chance" (p.
The rules governing rent increases are hopelessly complex in application but simple in principle: rent increases are controlled by the state, not the market.
The resources on the Total Control 2000 media gateway are controlled by the CommWorks 4000 softswitch via the interfaces specified in the H.
682(b)) controlled by the financial holding company or by any depository institution controlled by the financial holding company; and
corporation which is not controlled by the distributing

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