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Initially called the Bird Residual Breather, it went through six prototype stages before being released commercially as the Bird Mark 7 Respirator in 1957, just as anaesthetists were adopting controlled ventilation techniques1, (5).
If the ventilation provided by the grill is excessive and the source of uncomfortable draughts, then it may be that this can be blocked and replaced by controlled ventilation as long as this is adequate.
How then do we explain to these kids that the invisible, "unsexy" things such as insulation, passive solar heating and controlled ventilation, are enormously more cost-effective than the micro wind turbines or flashy solar-photovoltaics sprouting on the school roof?
Other technologies under development include an advanced, low-cost geothermal heat pump, a lower-cost version of the heat pump water heater invented by ORNL researchers and industry, and low-cost sensors for adaptive controlled ventilation that could be tied into an energy management control system that turns off lights, air handlers, and other unneeded energy-consuming equipment in buildings.
Production simulators currently used to assess the fiscal viability of mining projects could also be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of more controlled ventilation.
Prolonged controlled ventilation in cardiac surgical patients is standard practice up to the present day, although early tracheal extubation in these patients is not a new concept.
For most home designs, simple, controlled ventilation systems can be economical to install and operate.
The Concept 2000 design provides controlled ventilation to maintain the internal micro-environment close to predefined target conditions using variable, mechanical ventilation.
Until they are no longer infectious, hospitalized TB patients should be isolated in rooms with controlled ventilation and air flow.
Part 4 Lung ventilators - 2 - for controlled ventilation in patients at risk.
Passive Houses are healthier due to generous, controlled ventilation.
2]-based demand- controlled ventilation DCV and economizer for different occupancy profiles and USA ASHRAE climate zones to estimate the energy savings as compared to the actual operating strategy applied in the investigated system.

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