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The key financial officer of a state, private, or Municipal Corporation, who is charged with certain specific responsibilities related to its financial affairs.



See: caretaker, director, employer, principal, superintendent
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The 4115 solid-state power controller is a single-pole, normally open-switching device that accepts any 3-32 VDC control input signal and provides on/off zero-crossover switching of 120 to 480 VAC loads for 40 to 90 amps.
ESG Lab tested a number of these solutions and performance grew as controllers were added in a near linear fashion.
Binniker, distinguished guests, combat controllers, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
Promise FastTrak controllers also include user-friendly FastBuild software to simplify installation and Promise Array Management (PAM) software, a professional-level visual administration tool to monitor and maintain the storage subsystem locally or remotely.
If one of the three drives is actually removed, a RAID controller recreates the missing data in realtime, based on the bits of data remaining on the other two drives.
Depending on the game and how close the player is to the controller, game figures can be controlled either with the movement of a hand or with full-body movements.
One option you have is to hire a part-time controller, private business consultant or other independent specialist to handle specific financial tasks.
The batch weight, return sand moisture and the multi-temperatures are integrated in the computer section of the controller, which calculates the moisture to within one-tenth of a gallon of the needed water volume to achieve the desired discharge moisture level.
The Bridgewater Systems Network Policy Controller enables real-time control of network resources, ensuring a positive subscriber experience while allowing service providers to control and manage network resource usage in real time.
Also introducing Maco Breeze II parison controller for a wide variety of blow molding machines and stand-alone Web-based machine diagnostics system--an easy-to-configure, user-selectable, PC-based data-acquisition system.
As in non-clustered virtual arrays, one must decide which controller to provision and assign a LUN through before its creation.
SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller can recognize up to five external flash memory devices, up to 1 Gigabit density each, to create as large as a 640 MByte flash drive.

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