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CONTROLLERS. Officers who are appointed, to examine the accounts of other officers. More usually written comptrollers. (q.v.)

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Temperature controllers with patented dual-thermocouple design maintain precise control in critical processes.
ESG Lab tested a number of these solutions and performance grew as controllers were added in a near linear fashion.
We need to continue to invest in the kind of training, assignments and experiences that allow us to produce professional combat controllers who have amazed the world by calling dangerously close CAS (close air support) missions from various Air Force and Navy aircraft, including B-52s flying at 39,000 feet, and who raised again the Stars and Stripes over the American Embassy in Kabul.
Promise FastTrak controllers also include user-friendly FastBuild software to simplify installation and Promise Array Management (PAM) software, a professional-level visual administration tool to monitor and maintain the storage subsystem locally or remotely.
A RAID controller keeps track of the different physical disks and allocates storage space on all of these disks in a particular manner called striping.
Control of a green sand system is usually best accomplished with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a motor control center.
Offers complete machine data-acquisition and control systems, including injection molding controls, panel-mount controllers, and multi-function DIN rail modules with a variety of fieldbus communication protocols.
In addition, N is always a multiple of two--odd-numbered collections of controllers are not allowed by the architecture.
Offers 1/16-, 1/8- and 1/4-DIN temperature controllers with RS232C and RS485 serial interfaces, multiloop KR4 units, and companion RTD and thermocouple indicators.

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