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Organized alphabetically as expected, the handbook includes controversial figures like J.
That is certain to provoke a furious response from the Players Union, who could even call for strike action if the SPL decide to try and adopt the controversial new system.
Discussing less controversial ethical issues first is in keeping with the strategy of shaping "the terms of debate long before the controversial issue arises in class" (Pace, 2003, 43).
Education experts say that discussion of controversial topics in the classroom dates back to the Founding Fathers, notably Thomas Jefferson.
Bush's judicial selections, infuriating Senate Democrats by packing three controversial nominees into a single day's hearing.
Given that this book is written for the nonspecialist, presenting such controversial information is inappropriate and potentially misleading.
and an Australian diocese for making controversial decisions alone.
Well-fed sports pundits, probably miles away from the action, who have access to replays from different cameras, slow motion etc, and decide to make it controversial and pillory the referee's decision - which had been made immediately.
In a text written by the artist, she cites a statement made by a Cuban physician and former boxer who expresses his bygone passion in the following terms: "I see and feel it like a rhythm, like a sound, like the excitement of those who pursue boxing, so controversial in other places, so real, so visually engaging, so liberating of energy, rage, and taboo feelings.
It opted, instead, for Patrice Chereau's Intimite, as controversial a film as you're likely to find this side of Catherine Breillat, who -- surprise
But the only thing that could possibly be controversial about the judge's remarks was that he didn't call for an even greater jail sentence than just 14 years.
National Lease Advisors surveyed real estate professionals regarding controversial lease clauses.