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Ryan, first publisher of the Messenger of the Sacred Heart in 1887 and author of 'the little booklet' of Richmond parish history to which Bloxom refers, was succeeded as superior of the Jesuit order in Australia by Lockington (1871-1948), orator, controversialist, and friend and ally of Mannix.
27) Since Fabri knew the differences between the various reforming camps better than any Catholic controversialist, it is unlikely that he genuinely believed that a direct, causal relationship existed between Luther and Hubmaier's alleged leadership in the Peasants' War.
Now even those who are unceremoniously dismissed, like Chicago controversialist Jay Mariotti, manage to maintain their television sinecures even while they lack print-press credentials.
as a controversialist, [Huxley] fought with a smile seldom distant [and with] little harshness from his lips or pen.
Some controversialist propounds a counter-thesis, that the unseen aggressor may be a Kraken: not a moving reef but a floating island.
Threlkeld forms an important subject in her work, for he is an obvious and excellent example of the politicised missionary--outspoken and persistent in his advocacy on behalf of Aborigines, a serial controversialist and an implacable nuisance to the pastoralists of New South Wales.
However, in this biography Moran is more than a controversialist.
I HAVE often wondered whether the comments of your Tuesday columnist Keith Hann were to be taken seriously or whether, as I suspected, he was merely a second-rate comic, struggling hard to be a controversialist.
One man is rarely granted his range of gifts: He was at once an essayist, editor, impresario, controversialist, critic, novelist, sportsman and bon vivant.
Otherwise, this study of the English Puritan controversialist John Goodwin, which contains over 200,000 words of text exclusive of notes and end matter, would stretch a reader's patience to the breaking point.
Cornwell's reputation as an investigative journalist, biographer and controversialist is secure.
All his life, he remained a gifted controversialist who, in the words of theologian Lash (1979), sought "to prove by persuasion rather than to persuade by proof " (p.