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In fact, Highley ends up providing a sort of alternative anthology of early modern literature--or at least of the recurrent tropes and narrative patterns favored by the controversialists.
Those who reacted in print, such as Thomas Harding and Nicholas Harpesfield, were mostly Catholic controversialists, and it is hard at this stage to judge the impact upon the English Church itself.
They are controversialists, with a tendency to take extreme positions.
It had been allocated only 10 minutes for debate - meaning no contributions could be accepted from any controversialists who might want to speak from the floor.
Nope, after long consideration of the field and the conditions, this column has come to the admittedly controversial- but, hey, we're little controversialists here-conclusion that for the first time in ages the old orthodoxy and the many housewives who still follow it are going to come snarling back.
Clark is very skillful in demonstrating that the subtleties of argument of polemicists often masked their fundamentally common worldview (the "middle ground"), but if one accepts this analysis, it means that either the controversialists themselves were often oblivious to the underlying implications of issues, or they argued disingenuously purely out of interest--this despite the fact that Clark is ostensibly writing to reemphasize the role of religion and ideas.
The subtitle announces a study of the response of Catholic controversialists to Martin Luther's question about the visibility of the Church.
After a black-and-white prologue set in the thirties, in which we learn how Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer, Irving Howe and Irving Kristol honed their talents in City College's celebrated Trotskyite alcove, we catch up with these controversialists in the nineties after they've moved progressively to the right--way right, into transatlantic confrontation with pop music's chart-busting Spice Girls.
It is bad Kulturgeschichte and bad History of the Language to judge the unquestioned preconceptions of the past by the prejudices now deliberately entertained and often virulently expressed, especially by North American controversialists.
Too poor to make good TV, they've become professional controversialists.
Both were the sons of ministers, avid readers in their youth who did not attend theological college but later founded seminaries, organisational innovators in their large churches (Spurgeon appointed elders, Carroll selected deaconesses), powerful orators who created an enormous impression on their hearers (Carroll was thought to surpass Aristotle and Bacon), willing controversialists who gladly entered the political arena, resolute defenders of the verbal inspiration of the Bible, stern critics of agnosticism (Spurgeon remarked that the Latin-derived equivalent of agnostic was ignoramus), prolific authors whose works continued in demand long after their deaths and men who believed that they were never wrong.
Typically Mee establishes what Blake has in common with his fellow controversialists before illuminating his differences.