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However, i]f one instruction on negligence will serve to instruct the jury on the legal standards of every state of the United States applicable to a novel claim, implying that the claim despite its controversiality would be decided identically in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, one wonders what the Supreme Court thought it was doing in the Erie case when it held that it was unconstitutional for federal courts in diversity cases to apply general common law rather than the common law of the state whose law would apply if the case were being tried in state rather than federal court.
Dworkin, however, clearly does not think that disagreement among judges, what he calls "the fact of controversiality,"(47) poses an objection to law as integrity.
Its controversiality centered on two basic issues: its ostensible support of civil disobedience and revolution of society as a necessary solution to resolving oppression, persecution and poverty.
Shaw's controversiality was enhanced because this "new cause of action" suggested that the federal courts would remain intimately involved in regulating redistricting, despite contrary indications made in earlier cases from the same term.
It carefully compiles and chronologically arranges the Giovanni interviews and interview essays that have accumulated over more than two decades, revealing the popularity, complexity, and controversiality of a constantly growing and transforming thinker, social and political interpreter/critic, and artist/critic.
That he does not entirely meet either challenge reflects the controversiality of the philosophical issues and the complexity of the research problems he confronts.
That there were accounts of Calanus of a different tendency is clear from the account in Philo which has Calanus praise suicide without any hint of controversiality.
Submissions should contain opinions that merit publication on account of their novelty, ingenuity, general importance, controversiality, or other interest value.
In reaction, the State Department issued a series of confusing and contradictory directives banning material meeting various criteria of controversiality, creating chaos and, as ALA saw it, threatening the integrity of libraries (Nerboso, 1954).
None of this has anything to do with any indeterminacy or controversiality of conventions; the problem arises even when they are quite clear.