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In my speeches I confined myself closely to those three positions which he had taken, controverting his proposition that this Union could not exist as our fathers made it, divided into free and slave States, controverting his proposition of a crusade against the Supreme Court because of the Dred Scott decision, and controverting his proposition that the Declaration of Independence included and meant the negroes as well as the white men, when it declared all men to be created equal.
Wala pong controverting, walang kumontra sa mga 'yon dahil hindi nga nag-participate si Chief Justice (The allegations weren't controverted, they weren't debunked because the Chief Justice didn't participate)," the chairman said.
28 where both the suspects are required to submit their counter-affidavit and controverting evidence.
The respondent's right to due process is accorded to him or her through the furnishing of a copy of the complaint, and an opportunity to submit a controverting affidavit and evidence.
In resolving the issue, the SC said "the presumption that a mailed letter is received by the addressee in the ordinary course of mail is merely disputable and may be overturned by controverting evidence.
Until now, no controverting evidence was filed by any of the respondents despite the opportunity given to them,' the DOJ resolution stated.
The Office of the Ombudsman had earlier given Aquino 10 days to comment on the complaint filed in July, stating that failure to file a counter-affidavit would be deemed a waiver of his right to submit controverting evidence.
Failure to do so would be considered a waiver of their right to submit controverting evidence in the criminal complaint filed against them by leftist activists in July.
Your honor, unless proven otherwise, there's controverting evidence, I presume that my men are performing their duties regularly,' Dela Rosa added.